Meet Our Team

The perfect blend of teaching experience, creativity, and technical innovation.

Steve Baker President and CEO

Steve was a science teacher for 32 years in Ontario and Newfoundland, and has been the Principal of Virtual High School (Ontario) for more than 15 years. In 2013 he founded Hekademia to contribute his decades of teaching and course-writing experience to American schools. When he`s not writing and reviewing lessons, he`s winning croquet games and playing with his grandkids.

Trevor Hallam Business and Product Development

Trevor graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2009 with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. As the Coordinator for Hekademia, Trevor works closely with the amazing instructional design and course development team and is responsible for coordinating business operations. Trevor brings skills and experience working with schools and organizations worldwide to develop partnerships in the area of online education. Outside of his work at Hekademia, he enjoys gardening, cooking and working on vintage motorcycles.

Math Team Sarah Kwasniewski, Emily Douwes, Ron Will

The math team is a hard-working, creative, and passionate group of educators. The team doesn’t just think outside the box, they LIVE outside the box, developing interesting and modern lessons and assignments that engage students’ natural curiosity and desire to learn. Their personalities and wit can be found throughout our courses, giving students the sense of a personal relationship with the writers and the lessons, far beyond what can be found in traditional online course content.

Science Team Stacy Schulz, Tames Irvine, Kayleigh McLean

Analytical, inquisitive, creative, and extremely quirky, the science team epitomizes the qualities of a good scientist. Strong in the core disciplines of science, our collaborative approach to content development fosters the development of ingenuity and the critical mind. Whether it is a discussion of a force vector, or the altruistic behaviour of a meerkat, our content strikes a balance between an emphasis on the fundamentals of science and real-world applications.  Our courses are fun, engaging and never Bohr-ing!

English Team Caitlin Carr, John Smallwood, Sarah Simpson

The English team blends recent pedagogical theory and the latest digital tools  with a combined 58 years of teaching experience in North America and Asia. In classrooms ranging from those in the public board, private schools, international schools and a combination of traditional, blended and fully online formats, John, Sarah and Caitlin bring a diverse set of interests, skills and expertise to their course writing, development, and design.

Sociology Team Todd Dutchyn, Linda Ruffolo

The Sociology department encourages students to question and actively explore. We want to ensure that students who graduate our programs are critically literate, and aware of current issues. In an ever-changing global environment, we charge students with challenging assumptions by addressing a wide range of social issues.  Todd, Linda and Allison bring expertise from  a wide range of subject areas.

Kim Loebach Sales and Partnerships Coordinator

Kim has spent the last 5 years coordinating business operations in the field of online learning. With a background in human resources, industrial relations and psychology, Kim’s experience has spanned human resources, operations, and more recently, building relationships with new and prospective partners and clients with Hekademia. Outside of her role in operations and sales, Kim is an avid reader, Netflix-addict, and boot-camper.

Jackie Loebach User Experience and Market Research Specialist

Jackie graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2015 with a Master of Digital Experience Innovation degree. Jackie assists with market research, media design, and user experience testing at Hekademia. Outside of her role at Hekademia, some of Jackie’s favourite things include rural landscapes, animals, and the fascinating world of social media.

Allison Segeren Research Specialist

Allison is currently working towards her PhD in Educational Studies at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. At Hekademia, she applies her diverse range of teaching and research experiences to furthering research and development on competency-based learning. Outside of her work with Hekademia, Allison enjoys being a new mom and is an all-star triathlete.

Jessica Bickell Content Development Coordinator

Jessica has spent the majority of her time as an educator in the online space. With a background in mathematics, she occasionally assists in the creation of Hekademia’s instructional videos. In her time off, she enjoys being active, travelling the world, and playing with her nieces and nephews.

Dennis Pal Lead Designer

Dennis has a background in fine art, design, and business and believes that beyond making things look pretty, designers are essential to growing a successful business. As Lead Designer, he applies his inspired thinking and creativity to every touchpoint, solidifying a fluid narrative for the Hekademia brand across all channels. On his own time he enjoys spending time with family, cooking, hiking, traveling, and is an avid photographer.

Michael King Solutions Designer

Mike received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with honors from the University of Windsor in 2013. As a Solutions Designer, Mike brings a unique critical perspective to Hekademia in providing technical solutions to the problems of the virtual world. Mike is an avid PC gamer and guitar player. His love of dogs is his kryptonite.

Rob McKercherMedia Designer

Rob graduated from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology in 2001 with a focus on audio engineering and has immersed himself in the realm of Digital media ever since.  When it comes to online education, Rob loves to weld audible and visual elements to text-based content.  He understands the necessity for differentiated learning, and believes every student deserves the best.  Outside of Hekademia, you’ll find Rob building his log cabin in the woods, or Jumping out of airplanes 10,000 feet above Lake Huron.

Chris HamelinMedia Designer

Chris received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2009 with a focus on Digital and Alternative Media. Chris enjoys applying his creativity and understanding of how individuals consume media to creating engaging course content. Outside of the office, Chris enjoys fishing, archery, custom knife-making, and woodworking.