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Your eLearning program may need customization, learning environment support, and training unique to your situation.  Let us provide you with the technical and personnel services you need to keep your program running.


One size fits all? Not always.

The Content

Instruction | Assessment

Our courses are ready-to-use and aligned to national and regional curriculum standards, but your organization has its own personality and expectations. We can customize the instruction in our courses to be relevant to the needs of your students and staff.  Supplement our content with your own lessons, or request unique content from our writing staff.

Similarly, assessments such as quizzes, assignments, and discussions can all be customized to reflect the goals and culture of your organization.  Replace our existing assessments with material from your teachers, and let us handle the alignment and integration.

The Learning Environment

Organize | Stylize

Our courses come with Hekademia branding but can be re-designed to reflect your organization's style and branding.  Create your organization's learning environment with custom color schemes, layouts, and graphics.  Use your organization's existing imagery and logo to make the learning environment your own.

The academic settings and preferences of our default learning environment are configured using our own best practices. However, the Desire2Learn learning environment is highly customizable and can be aligned with your organization's preference, policies, and goals. We can help you to adjust and adapt the menu system, quiz engine, gradebook, and more.

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A robust learning environment and responsive webdesign deliver your eLearning solution at any time and on any device.


Deliver | Respond

We use the Desire2Learn Learning Environment to deliver your eLearning solution. Its fresh, modern design and intuitive layout keep participants engaged and on-task. A suite of reporting tools lets educators manage student results and make informed decisions. Learning Environment tools like the quiz engine, dropbox, ePortfolio, and discussion board, draw students and teachers into a collaborative and productive eLearning experience.

Students and teachers alike have high expectations for online content. Your eLearning program needs to meet these expectations. Our courses are created using modern principles of responsive web design to deliver your eLearning solution on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Coupled with a variety of Desire2Learn's mobile solutions, your organization can be confident that your eLearning solution will reach all of your students at any time and on any device.


Email | Discuss

Desire2Learn provides a robust email tool integrated directly into the Learning Environment. Students, teachers, and administrators can collaborate effortlessly using system email accounts. The email system is tightly integrated with many Learning Environment tools and can be used to notify users of activity in drop-boxes, the gradebook, discussions and more.

Our courses use the discussion tool to create opportunities for discussion, collaboration and peer-review.  The discussion tool can also be used by students, teachers, and administrators to create ad-hoc forums and threads customizing the eLearning program for your organization.


Evaluate | Report

A variety of Learning Environment tools can be used to assess student understanding, including discussions, quizzes, and the assignment drop-box.  Students can upload assignments to the drop-box for formative and summative assessments. The quiz tool can be used for formal tests as well as for diagnostic and formative learning activities.

The gradebook makes it easy for students to track their progress, and for teachers to monitor a student's performance easily.  The report card tool allows teachers to create midterm and final reports and submit them online to school administration.


Desire2Learn has partnered with clients to pioneer a next-generation learning solution that provides an engaging experience capable of directly addressing key challenges related to learner engagement, retention, and outcomes.

The Integrated Learning Platform

D2L’s Integrated Learning Platform connects the entire learning community to a global ecosystem of services, resources, and peers. Built on the most robust collection of eLearning products available in the industry today, the platform is as a singular solution for fully-online, blended, or in-class settings that enable institutions to anticipate emerging trends in education with flexible delivery models, adaptive environments, predictive tools, and a “one-size-fits-me” approach for every learner. This represents a shift from the simple course management capabilities of an LMS to a highly pervasive, perceptive, and personal learning experience.

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Teachers are the key to a positive online learing experience.

The Course

Train | Excel

Teaching in online and blended environments requires a set of communication and technical skills different from those used in conventional classroom instruction. To bridge this gap, we offer professional development (PD) services including online professional development courses to help teachers communicate effectively online and to become comfortable with the learning environment. The professional development courses are delivered online using Hekademia's Desire2Learn environment and are free to all our partner organizations.

Custom Training

Convenient | Personal

In addition to our online PD courses we also provide web-based PD training sessions for teachers. These online PD sessions are led by our eLearning experts who respond to focused concerns from teachers and administrators. Online training sessions can be scheduled at your request and are conducted via online web meeting software.

We also offer onsite training sessions.  Our eLearning experts can visit your organization to work with your teachers. We'll familiarize your teachers with the learning environment tools and the design of our courses. These on-site training sessions provide an excellent opportunity in which teachers and administrators can discuss course customization and other services.

eLearning PD

Our PD courses help teachers master the nuances of teaching in eLearning environments.


Let us work with your teachers to improve feedback, communication, and evaluation.

The Learning Environment

We can help your teachers navigate the learning environment and the suite of tools it provides.

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