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Your students need engaging content, differentiated instruction, and powerful technology to track their progress and success. Let us build your eLearning program with quality, customizable courses in a turn-key Learning Environment.


Thoughtful instructional design and progressive instruction improve student learning experiences

Instructional Design

Design | Differentiate

Our backwards-design process creates courses that are aligned to the curriculum documents for that course. Beginning with the standards in mind, we work backwards to create well-aligned assessments and ultimately, well-designed instruction.

Instructional strategies are differentiated throughout our courses. Students can progress through our courses using various pathways and experience a variety of choices on many assignments. We create truly differentiated courses using a rich mix of written instruction, audio/visual elements, and interactive applications.


Differentiated Instruction

Videos, Infographics, and interactive activities deliver instruction to all learning styles.

Assessment & Evaluation

Scaffold | Triangulate

Our assessment philosophy aligns with the Black and Williams model of instructional design, featuring assessments for learning, assessments as learning, and assessments of learning. Progressions of assessments for learning and assessments of learning scaffold the students' understanding and improve student outcomes. Assessments as learning, such as exit cards, reflections, and peer reviews consolidate student knowledge and skills.

A triangulated assessment strategy creates an accurate picture of student understanding. Our courses generate evidence of student success using three concurrent strategies: traditional tests and assignments, information produced in student discussions, and information gathered as teachers observe student process.


Progressions of self-exercises, teacher review, and summative assessments scaffold students to success.

Curriculum Standards

Align | Track

Our courses are designed to meet national and regional curriculum standards. Our rigorous backwards design process ensures that all standards are appropriately instructed and fairly assessed. If your organization is interested in aligning with the Common Core State Standards or the Next Generation Science Standards, please contact us for more information.

We track curriculum standards on instructional pages and assessments as students move through courses. All units, pages, and assessments clearly identify the standard being instructed or assessed.

Tracking the Standards

Curriculum standards are tracked for every unit, page and assessment.


Flexible alternatives to the traditional classroom

Online Learning

Liberate | Differentiate

Provide your students with an alternative to the traditional class-room environment: create an online program for your students using our courses and Learning Environment.  With barriers of time and place removed you can offer your students a wide selection of courses, and customize the pace of student learning based on the priorities of your organization.

Online courses also allow students to differentiate their learning.  In our courses students are free to review topics, revisit tests, and re-do activities until they have mastered a concept.  As a result, student outcomes are improved.

Online Learning

Students progress through our courses where they choose, at their own pace.

Blended Learning

Enhance | Educate

Our courses are the perfect enhancement for classroom-based instruction in your school or district. Your teachers can implement our courses in their entirety or enhance classroom instruction using our interactive lessons, activities, and video content.

Let your teachers teach.  In blended learning classrooms, Learning Environment tools such as the gradebook, quiz tool, dropbox, classlist and calendar, free teachers from classroom administrative tasks. Your teachers will be free to focus on their interactions with students.

Blended Learning

Students access their eLearning course in a traditional classroom setting.

Flexible Enrollment

Synchronous | Asynchronous

Our courses are ideal for synchronous environments, in which students are enrolled concurrently and move through courses in a cohort.  Both online and blended programs can be structured to enroll synchronously.  Collaboration, discussion, and peer-to-peer interactions can be emphasized when students enroll in cohorts.  In synchronous, blended classrooms participants interact in real-time in the classroom. In synchronous online situations participants interact online using Learning Environment tools.

Similarly, our courses work well in asynchronous environments in which students progress through a course independent of their classmates.  In asynchronous environments, peer-to-peer interactions are minimized in favor of student-teacher relationships.  Communications are facilitated through emails, discussion boards, instant messaging, and other Learning Environment tools.


All roads lead to competency

Instructional Design

Remediate | Enrich

Our Adaptive Competency eLearning (ACe) courses ensure that every student masters every standard in a national or regional curriculum. To advance in the course, students must demonstrate competency on the curriculum standards being studied.  Students exceeding the standards advance along an enrichment pathway. Students approaching a standard receive remedial content until they master that standard.


Students struggling to achieve curriculum standards receive special remedial content to help them understand course concepts.

Competency and Grades

Evaluate | Promote

Percentage-based grading schemes are currently the preferred measure of academic success. However, there is growing demand at the post-secondary level to move beyond these measures of success and adopt a competency-based approach to graduation. By default, ACe courses align with this new measurement of success and do not deliver percentage-based grades. Instead, students are evaluated as either competent or not.

ACe courses can also be configured to evaluate students using a blended model of competencies and percentage-based grades. In this model, students receive percentage-based grades on assignments and tests, and a final percentage-based grade is issued. Competencies are used to manage student progress through the course and ensure mastery of all standards.


Students exceeding curriculum standards unlock challenging tasks and other enrichment content.

Tracking Standards

Identify | Coach

Traditional grading approaches to student work often obscure student weaknesses on curriculum standards. A student may demonstrate competency on two of three standards for an assignment and still be promoted with a passing grade. ACe courses, however, track success on all standards and students must demonstrate competency before progressing.

Our competency tracking tools allow both teachers and students to identify weaknesses and then address those weaknesses with either remedial content or direct teacher intervention.

Tracking Standards

Curriculum standards are tracked on content and assessments. Students and teachers can see progress on various standards.