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Your students need engaging content, differentiated instruction, and powerful technology to track their progress and success. Let us create your eLearning program with quality, customizable courses in a turn-key Learning Environment.


Test drive our Adaptive Competency eLearning content in our 1 - year free trial.

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The instructional designers and software engineers at Hekademia have recently created interactive and adaptive competency-based curriculum to meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards.  Hekademia is seeking cutting-edge schools and districts to help us forge the path in online, competency-based education. Join our free 1-year pilot program. Sign up before August 1st to take advantage of our long-term preferential client rates and rewards!

Our Pilot Program:

  • has a flexible start date;
  • includes professional development prior to implementation of the course, a full semester or school year to use the course with full access to our pacing guides and teacher resources, and time for customized revisions to the curriculum, based on student and teacher feedback;
  • includes the Learning Environment. Our courses are hosted in Brightspace, so the use of our curriculum comes with a fully-equipped Learning Environment and technical support;
  • is free; we simply ask for your feedback, and if you choose to continue your relationship with Hekademia after the pilot, you will be invited to participate with our teachers and developers in the creation of your complimentary customized course before enrolling students the following year.

We’re proud to be working with innovated schools all around North America.

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We’re looking to partner with educational institutions with a strong leadership team committed to innovation.

Online Learning

Bring learning outside of your brick-and-mortar classrooms with courses specializing in competency-based learning.

Blended Learning

Let’s work together to establish a competency-based blended learning model that works for your present-day classroom.

Content Creator

We partner with forward thinking educational institutions to provide curriculum designed to meet individual student needs.