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  • Chemistry, Science

Unit: Quantities in Chemical Reactions
Lesson: This is an extract from the unit "Quantities in Chemical Reactions", which in addition to the Mole, also includes lessons on Stoichiometry, and Empirical and Molecular Formulae.

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  • English, Short Stories

Unit: American Literature and Composition
Lessons: This is  an extract from the unit "Modern Times, Modern Issues", which in addition to Short Stories, also includes lessons on Speeches, Letters, Journalism and Media, Poetry, and Freakonomics.

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Algebra 1

  • Math, Algebra

Unit: Graphing to Solve Problems
Lesson: This is an extract from the unit "Graphing to Solve Problems", which in addition to Graphing Functions, includes lessons on Working with Expressions and Equations, Defining Functions, Sequences, and Using Graphs to Solve Problems.

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  • Math, Geometry

Unit: Triangles & Trigonometry
Lesson: This is an extract from the unit "Triangles and Trigonometry", which in addition to Right Angled Triangles, includes lessons on Non-Right Angled Triangles.

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