Top 5 Blogs on Competency-Based Education

It’s been a full year since Hekademia began producing weekly blog posts on issues relating to education policy, competency-based learning, and ideas for the virtual classroom.  Thank you for reading and commenting along the way!  We’re excited to be a part of the growing community for competency-based education.

To mark the occasion, we’ve pulled the top 5 blogs on competency-based learning from the last year.  The blogs are in no particular order, but how would you rank them?

  1. Rethinking Failure in Competency-Based Education
  2. Algorithms Are Only As Intelligent As the Humans Behind Them.
  3. Motivation Matters
  4. The 4 Guiding Elements of Competency Design at Hekademia
  5. Competency Education and the Equity Agenda

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