Rubrics at the Brightspace Regional User Forum

This Friday, September 19th, I am attending the Brightspace Regional User Forum in Burlington, Ontario.  I am leading the “Designing and Building Rubrics with Brightspace” seminar.

The tentative agenda for the seminar includes:

  1. Demonstration of rubrics at  5min
  2. Description of the Brightspace rubric tool, its capabilities and its limitations. 5min
  3. Walk-through of how to build a rubric in Brightspace. 10min
  4. Build your own rubric(s) in the LMS. 30min
  5. Questions and reflections. 5min

I am very excited to see that there are over 20 participants already registered.  To all registered participants, if you have any topics you would like me to address during the seminar, please let know.  Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

There are some advanced topics that I am not planning on covering including: HTML and Javascript hacks to improve rubrics in the LMS, using the competency tool with rubrics, writing effective success descriptions, and choosing appropriate rubric criteria.  If you are interested in any of these topics, let me know and I’ll either include them in the talk or organize a break-out session on the topics.

Please  take a minute and introduce yourself in the comments below.  Introduce yourself, describe your level of familiarity with the rubric tool, and explain what your hopes are for the seminar.  If we go into this seminar knowing each other and our goals, we’ll probably all get more out of it.

Looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing some of my knowledge on the topic.

5 thoughts on “Rubrics at the Brightspace Regional User Forum”

  1. Tony, I am interested in developing and sharing rubrics with and among teachers in my school board, both in secondary and elementary education. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.
    Mike Lattner

  2. Hi Tony,

    I am relatively new to the rubric tool (I’ve looked at it but haven’t used it yet) and I come from the corporate side. We do have a few courses that I think would be helped by this tool, but I hope to know for certain after Friday!


  3. I am new to Brightspace. I have been learning it as a faculty member and as a mentor to help other faculty.
    No rubric experience yet, looking forward to becoming familiar with it.

  4. Hi Tony, Thanks so much for providing an outline of your session. I am looking for the fundamental steps needed to help teachers develop and build rubrics within the Brightspace environment. Looking forward to tips and tricks that may help new users with their assessment practices.

  5. Hi Tony, I’m interested in developing and sharing rubrics with faculty at my college. I look forward to your session. Joan

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