Reflections on the Brightspace Regional User Forum

Thanks to all the attendees of my rubrics presentation at the Brightspace Regional User Forum.  I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.  I know I was struck by the professional and collegial atmosphere in the session and at the conference in general. Allow me to review a few topics we discussed at the session and to provide a few resources I may have mentioned.

Rubric Design

We discussed the general design features of rubrics at, including our 5-level system and right-to-left paradigm.  In the image below, you can see how we handle these topics, as well as heading standardization, text font and style, and criteria generation: rubrics-examples

Rubric Pitfalls

We discussed some of the most apparent weaknesses of the rubric tool.  First and foremost is the inability to edit rubrics that have been used for assessment.  Rubrics also display to students and teachers at a fixed width of 960 pixels.  Most rubrics are larger than this and the overflow is hidden.

Sharing Rubrics

Several attendees were interested in the possibility of sharing rubrics across entire school boards.  There was great interest in creating rubrics centrally at the board-office level and then pushing them to schools and departments. Fortunately, Brightspace has prepared for these scenarios and allows users to create rubrics at any Org level., in fact, takes advantage of this feature and creates rubric templates that are managed centrally, but are available for use in all courses. This creates great consistency between courses and also eliminates repetitive and redundant work.  For details, contact me, or ask your local Brightspace expert about creating rubrics in a home org and sharing them to child orgs.

Customizing Rubrics with JavaScript

Finally, we discussed the use of JavaScript to control the formatting and execution of rubrics, and how to manage rubrics at a school-wide level using JavaScript and SQL databases.  This topic is quite technical, but if anyone would like to pursue the conversation, please contact me.


Below is a link to the PowerPoint Presentation I used during the session.

Designing and Building Rubrics with Brightspace.

In closing

Again, thanks to everyone at the session for making it such a success.  I would love to continue this conversation further.  Please keep in touch via the following channels, and follow this blog for new ideas and innovations.


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