Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! #ThankATeacher

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, and the entire week is dedicated to thanking teachers for their dedication, patience, and extra efforts beyond the classroom. We’ve all had those “game-changing” teachers who interjected at crucial times and helped us forge our paths. I had a history teacher in high school (yes you, Mr. Sutton!) who was such a great story teller that I decided to major in history.

I was lucky and had many terrific teachers in high school and university, but you always look back on a few who took the extra time to help you make connections, took a genuine interest in you as a person, or even introduced you to other people or ideas that broadened your networks.

Teachers are crucial mentors to all of us– regardless of our age. They help to foster life-long curiosity and build confidence so we can make decisions for ourselves and trust our intuition.  These are the most important life skills we can teach our students.

Have you thanked a teacher yet today? It’s never too late! #ThankATeacher

Ps: I have the unique pleasure of working with two of my most memorable high school teachers every day with Hekademia and Virtual High School, and they’re still teaching, mentoring and instilling confidence even after all these years. Thanks, John Smallwood and Steve Baker!

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