Using Multimedia to Support Instruction

Many students take the textbooks they are assigned at the beginning of a semester and attempt to memorize every chapter word-for-word with the mistaken assumption that this is how to “learn science.” To this already onerous task, students add memorizing lecture notes presented in class. Memorizing an ever-increasing amount of material then turns into a … Continue reading Using Multimedia to Support Instruction

Syncing Up: Going Asynchronous

As a new educator, I divide my time between writing and developing courses with Virtual High School and Hekademia and occasional teaching with a conventional school board. Some people say I have the best of both worlds, while others say I’m crazy.  However, I think that I am incredibly fortunate to be learning so much…okay, … Continue reading Syncing Up: Going Asynchronous

Why are the people of Troublesome Creek, Kentucky blue?

When this question is posed in a science class, you can immediately see postures improve as students sit up a bit straighter, disengage from their iPods (or whatever electronic device had their attention), and gaze attentively as they await the answer. This is where the magic of case studies in science begins. Instead of providing … Continue reading Why are the people of Troublesome Creek, Kentucky blue?