Redesigning Learning for Learners

Teachers have long understood Socratic instruction to mean that the teacher asks questions and the student answers, learning through further questions and mentorship. However, as John Smallwood reminds us, those who use the term “Socratic” can forget that such teaching takes place in the form of dialogues, often in a one-on-one situation. Today’s online teaching … Continue reading Redesigning Learning for Learners

Syncing Up: Going Asynchronous

As a new educator, I divide my time between writing and developing courses with Virtual High School and Hekademia and occasional teaching with a conventional school board. Some people say I have the best of both worlds, while others say I’m crazy.  However, I think that I am incredibly fortunate to be learning so much…okay, … Continue reading Syncing Up: Going Asynchronous

Where did Hekademia come from?

Hekademia was born out of an idea that started at (VHS) in January 2013.  At the time, VHS had about 5100 students, 80 online teachers, and 65 online courses. With our experience building online courses and working with teachers and students in an asynchronous online environment, we had reached a point where we were … Continue reading Where did Hekademia come from?

Reflections on The Online Learning Institute

Attending a conference is a powerful professional development experience. The opportunity to connect face-to-face with your peers, share ideas with like-minded colleagues, and learn about the latest research in your field can be both exciting and intimidating. There can be more to a conference than just attending sessions presented by experts in the field: you … Continue reading Reflections on The Online Learning Institute