What is Academic Honesty?

The persuasive essay, the lab report, the informative presentation – all of these tasks involve putting forth your ideas in efforts to convince others or to reveal what you’ve found in your research. In all cases, whether in your science, music, history, English or other courses, the support you gather, that is, the information you … Continue reading What is Academic Honesty?

Goal-setting for Adolescents, Part II

Two weeks ago, I blogged about goal-setting for adolescents focusing on four key areas of development: emotional, cognitive, social, and physical. This week, I offer practical ideas of how to approach goal-setting in diverse environments including blended and fully online environments. Model perseverance – Coaches, mentors, teachers–however we want to label our roles–must not give … Continue reading Goal-setting for Adolescents, Part II

Goal-setting for Adolescents, Part I

Goal-setting: it’s important, but how many of us know how to do it effectively? As adults, we reflect on our successes and our weaknesses more easily and more innately than teens do whether we are perfecting our golf swing, trying to write more often, or making more time for our families. But, how did we … Continue reading Goal-setting for Adolescents, Part I