Adaptive Competency eLearning

Our Adaptive Competency eLearning (ACe) curriculum ensures that every student masters every standard on a national or regional level.


Our adaptive curriculum delivers targeted remedial and enrichment content to students when they need it.

Adaptive Instruction

Remediation | Enrichment

Using interactive activities, games and quizzes, our courses assess each student on each competency. The learning environment adapts to students’ outcomes and provides targeted instruction to help them make connections. Students exceeding the standards advance along an enrichment pathway, while students approaching a standard receive new remedial lessons. Content is targeted to the student's individual need until they master each standard.


Students struggling to achieve curriculum standards receive special remedial content to help them understand course concepts.


Students work at their own pace to master all the concepts of a standards-based curriculum.

Competency — Based Education

Self-Paced | Personalized

If you’re just getting started with competency-based education in your school or district, we can set up your course with a blended model of percentage-based grades and competency tracking.

Students can work at their own pace, or follow a classroom pacing guide. Our competency-based modules allow both students and teachers to identify and track students’ strengths, address any weaknesses with targeted remedial lessons, or direct teacher intervention. Students can chart their progress, and teachers can see at a glance which competencies still need to be achieved.



Differentiated Instruction

Videos, Infographics, and interactive activities deliver instruction to all learning styles.


Online or blended, synchronous or asynchronous, your eLearning solution starts here.

eLearning Environment

Online | Blended

We use D2L’s Brightspace Learning Environment to deliver our adaptive competency curriculum. With single-sign on, students can access their lessons in one click, and teachers can track student data easily using the gradebook and competency tools.  Plus, you don’t need your own account. We take care of the set-up and enrollment, and with analytics, reporting, and simple SIS integration, all you need to do is teach.

Online Learning

You decide whether to use the course in its entirety or as supplemental material for self-paced learning.

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